Serial interface with the Schulze CPU loader ISL 6-430


Here I describe the retrofitting of the serial interface for the ISL 6-430. Schulze has already integrated in his software the serial interface. Which is still missing is the interface transducer.
Since with the ISL 6-330 functioned (, the interface on the board of the ISL 6-430 caused me to search. And I found a bonanza of information . By the way also the ISL 6-530, ISL 6-636 have similar board with some additions and changes, which do not concern  the serial interface.
Here is the allocation of the interface
(for ISL 6-430, ISL 6-530, ISL 6-636)

The re-tooled plug connector
The module connected with the loader.
The installation into the housing and the drilling planned for it.
It might be clear everyone that with this modification, the warranty expires. Also I do not take responsibility for these modifications so do them at your own risk!  further      

since 20.02.2004